Monday, April 30, 2012

"I'm sex-pure and you're sex-dirty"

Joe has been my friend for a long time.  Joe and I have an ongoing relationship where we go to Denny's and catch up on our lives.  Which is interesting since we met at a Denny's.  Huh.  I don't think I ever realized that before.  This friendship is almost completely based around Denny's.  I have serious feelings of affection for Joe.  Joe is one of my best friends on the planet.

Joe and I can talk about anything.  He's my window into the mind of guys everywhere.  He shares with me stories and experiences that are fantastic.  He listens to my stories and doesn't judge me, even when he doesn't see it as something he could do.

Joe was making me doubt my interpretation of events with Not-My-Boyfriend (I finally have a nickname!!!  NMB).  He explained to me that guys will do anything to get pussy and that I shouldn't read too much into the text correspondence and the heroic efforts to calm the waters with my hubby at the burlesque show, since neither required all that much effort in an attempt to gain continued access to my nether regions.

"Dammit Joe, you are making me question the actions of all guys ever!"

"You're welcome!" He replied emphatically.

I still think I'm alright.  This guy is getting plenty of pussy elsewhere and I fail to see why mine is so special.  Plus, he strikes me as genuine.

Later when he used the term sex-positive, I expressed my support of the terms. 

"You can be sex positive, Joe!" 

"No.  I'm sex-pure and you're sex-dirty." 

Those are my two favorite snippets of this particular conversation with a good friend who has a lot of guilt to overcome. Ah, Joe. I'll make you enjoy guilt free sex, yet.  Maybe it will be with me, if I'm lucky.

Joe was one of the first people I thought of when we decided to become poly.  I never put myself in a situation where I would be alone with Joe in any sort of private venue.  We only meet in public.  Before, this was because I knew that, given the right circumstances, I would want to have sex with Joe.  Since I didn't want to cheat on my husband, I never let myself near a situation where that risk was there.  Now, however, that is no longer a concern.  He has, at least initially, rejected my advances.  "It's not a rejection of you.  It's a rejection of the situation."  He said sweetly, several weeks ago.   Perhaps, over time, I can change his mind. 

FYI- My husband's recent input on my paranoid fears of rejection, "Stop it, just stop it.  You are seeing him twice a week, texting every day...  obviously he likes you.  He just also likes pussy, so stop it."

Friday, April 27, 2012

My Husband Asked for It, He's Such a Cuck!

Before I left to go see.....  (really going to need a nickname soon, but now I've waited so long I'll never have one good enough!  Still, he's definitely a regular at this point and I don't want him going anywhere)... last night, my husband had a request.  Hearing about what happened was no longer enough for him.  He wanted to SEE it.  He wanted me to use my phone to document me getting fucked.  He swore to me that this is what he really wanted, that it would excite and not upset him.  I took him at his word.  Before we got just too involved with things, I asked my date if he was comfortable with this.  "I think something could be arranged he said."  Later, once his cock was in my mouth, "You said you wanted pictures, is this the sort of thing you want pictures of?"  I replied, "Video, if you don't mind."  And so it was.  Several still pictures and a few short videos were taken of the proceedings, during which I started my period, not as mortifying as you might imagine as it was discussed as a possibility before we began.  Open communication win! Thankfully, the flow was light enough to not interfere with the filming.  Chivalrous as he is, "Actually, there is just a bit of blood, so I'm just going to go grab a towel."

Afterwards, I texted my husband to let him know that I obtained what he had requested.  I stuck around for a while longer, cuddling and talking before I made the long drive home.  Once through the door, I immediately handed my phone over to Hubby who smiled big and again reassured me that he would be okay.  He was more than okay, it turned out.  He was really turned on.  He fucked me while he watched me getting fucked and asked me to be mean to him while he fucked me.  I was.  It's a much more fun role to play than I ever imagined.  Yelling at him to do better, fuck me harder...  I told him he could maybe fuck me as good as ----, I doubted it, but I wanted him to try.  Since then, he's enjoyed them several times without me.

Cuckolding... a fantasy he didn't know he had until we were poly.  Cuckolding....  a fun and kinky way to cope with your wife fucking someone else.   Cuckolding, as it turns out, is a lot of fun.  :D

Now that he has seen me getting fucked, I have high hopes that one day we can comfortably share a room together and maybe play a board game.  Hubby has a date with the wife of my date in the next few weeks.  They've been texting and she finds him "adorable".  I agree with this assessment, of course, and I hope it leads to him getting laid.

The night with ---- also included me sharing my favorite tumblr with his wife.  We all three looked through the entirety of and laughed freely.  When she went to bed, I was sucking her husbands' face.  "Nice seeing you again," she yelled casually on her way to the bedroom.  The weird is becoming less and less weird and not a week goes by that I don't end up in another situation that I never would have expected.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Spontaneous Date with a Trans Guy

The nickname for this person is simple, we'll call him The Doctor.  ;)  The Doctor and I have been messaging back and forth for some time on OKC.  I messaged him originally when I liked what I saw on his profile.  He's cute.  He's female-bodied, but identifies as male.  That is hot.  It's the androgynous, slightly male types of women that turn me on.  The thought of a female bodied trans guy making all the right moves is really appealing.

The Doctor had given me his number in the last Cupid message he sent.  I put it in my phone and sat on it for a week before I took action.  While dealing with a separate situation, I decided that healthy coping would be to dive into this and see what happened.  I sent The Doctor a text.  The Doctor replied with a flattering message that indicated he was happy to hear from me and promptly invited me out at the last minute for a drag show.  I accepted.

The Doctor was standing at the bar when I walked in and looked me up and down before speaking to me.  He was wearing a coat with long tails a white shirt and tie and black Converse sneakers.  He's adorable.  OMG, I get turned on by chics in drag.  And if this person identifies as male and is willing to take that aggressive role with me, well, let's just say I'm very interested in seeing how this plays out.

The show at this venue was the best I've seen thus far.  There were more drag kings than queens, which I appreciate for sure.  They were hot too.  Seriously hot. 

We chatted while the show went on and eventually left to walk up and down the street and talk.  The Doctor really is adorable.  We talk, and I hug him at the end of the night and we make tentative plans to see each other again on Saturday.  I ended up having to cancel those, but we rescheduled for a lunch date that is coming up next weekend.  Should be fun!  I'll let you know how things go.

My Girl Crush Makes Out with My Husband (yay?)

So, I need to catch you folks (by folks I mean the imaginary people who read this blog) up about what has been going on in Hubby's life.  Hubby had an interesting experience with the girl that I work with that I have a crush on.  We'll call her Link.

Link is adorable.  Link decided she needed to break up with her boyfriend and I agreed, having gotten a poor impression of him.  Hubby agreed and was her shoulder to cry on while she made her decision and carried it out.  He was there for her while the ex carried out the rest of his stuff from Link's apartment.  Link and Hubby had some drinks together and then took part in a little making out, a fair amount of kissing and a whole lot of cuddling.  From the way it sounded that night, she was considering a relationship with my husband and eventually wanted to have sex with him.  He was over the moon.

Sadly, it was not to be.  I was surprised by my reaction being less than I expected.  I was for the most part okay, I just knew that I needed a little time to gain comfort with the situation.  So when Link came over to our house that night, I found stuff to do elsewhere.  I sought out my spontaneous date with The Doctor.  The last thing I wanted was for my, not negative, but ambiguous energy to make Link uncomfortable in the situation and scare her off.  As it was, I was too late.  She was already reconsidering and has in the days that followed made it clear that she is looking for a monogamous relationship with a guy of her own.  It's a shame.  Now the focus is on not making shit weird, since we do work with this person.  So far we are mostly succeeding, but Hubby's general sadness with this situation and others that have ended in rejection, have been bringing him down a bit.

At this point, I am ready for him to rip off the band-aid.  I want him to get laid.  Here's to hoping it happens soon.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Too Strong! You Are Coming on Too Strong!!

One of my favorite things about dating is that I get to take part in the social experiment that is online dating.  I think it's fascinating.  I'm going to continue to write about the terrible messages I receive.  This one deserves a post all of its own.  Now, before you read all of this, please note that my husband received a message just as long.  I may do another post on his, but I haven't read it yet.  I'll interrupt your reading with my comments.  Please, note the sarcasm.

Hi! I was just about to log off OKC for the night when I stumbled across your profile and realized I couldn't sleep if I didn't write to you first, it just wouldn't be right.

Where have you been all my life?

Wow.  Really?  That's your line?  I've been living my life, thank you very much.  I've been doing quite well without you and I will continue to do so.  I don't know you and it worries me that I'm already keeping you awake at night.

As it regards your new found self, I have just one quick thing to add:

Congratulations, and welcome to the world of the living! Where LOVE matters more than everything else! Even to the people who don't know it yet.

Ouch.  I didn't know I was dead up until now.  I thought I had a happy life, a fulfilling marriage and a job that makes me feel like I give something back, but I suppose that I was wrong about all of that and that it takes non-monogamy to make me alive.  Ugh, this reminds me of people who act like you don't really understand a thing about the world until you've pushed a screeching infant from your vag.

It's possible that I am too sleepy to be writing right now. Still, I *had* to say "Hello". Hello!!

Oh good.  I'm glad we clarified that we are talking now.  From the looks of it, we have a long way to go before you say goodbye.

I have so many questions I'd like to ask you, I'm not sure where to begin. I suppose one question might be that your profile says you are trying to have children, but also open to dating outside your marriage right now. My primary partner Kate and I are in a similar boat, and I am grappling with some intense trepidation over the thought of her getting pregnant by someone who isn't me. I'm coping, but I wonder if you and your husband have some insight on that issue. What are your thoughts?
This is the only thing I thought about replying to in all seriousness.  My answer is this: condoms.  Duh.  In the event of condom failure, E.C.  For my husband and I, however, we discussed the risks and if I get pregnant and someone else is the father, we will raise the baby like our own and it makes no difference.  
Also, unicorns DO exist, we were blessed with one for a while. It's pretty cool.
 Oh, good for you.

On the upside, I'm not a guy who writes you a message that says "lol, u r hot, lol, wanna hookup? lol" I hate getting those messages myself. It only gets worse if I look at the writer's profile and conclude they couldn't spell Ph.D. if I spotted them the first two letter.
Nope, your a guy who writes me a really long creepy message welcoming me into his life who also bothers to point out that he didn't write me a stupid message full of netspeak and idiocy.  I think I could judge that on my own, thank you, but I'm glad you pointed that out just in case. 
On the down side, I'm so mesmerized by your writing all I can think is, "hey, let's spend time together intelligently discussing the awakening you are experiencing and the rabbit hole you are planning to explore." When I know I should be asking much more about YOU. I'm sorry. It's late and I'm very tired.
Only one downside?  Okay, so he wants to talk to me.

On the bright side, my girlfriends are going to love you! None of them are here to rescue me from my bad writing right now, though, so I think I better just stop myself.
Wow,  I'm glad to know I'll be welcomed into your poly family with open arms by your multitude of girlfriends.  My fear of rejection by them may have held me back up until now.
I look so forward to hearing back from you and learning more about you! What more would you like to know about me?

That Guy (name changed to protect the creeper, he earned himself this nickname here)

Well, sir, here's what I would like to know about you....  Exactly how long have you been without sleep?  What psychiatric medications are you currently taking?  Has anyone ever told you that you come on too strong?  A nice long message is good, but this shit is intimidating!  Did you notice that my husband is straight when you sent him the long ass message?  Were you hinting that you have a Ph.D when you talked about other people's inability to spell it? 

I guess I'm kind of a cunt for taking this guy's sleep deprived, well intentioned message to my blog and sarcastically picking it apart.  I'm sorry.  I'd already done it in my head.  So, I may as well share it with the world.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


So, I may have mentioned that this guy that I'm seeing is from England.  I've seen a fair number of British comedies and I tend to quote them once in a while.  I made a deliberate effort not to do this in front of him so as not to sound silly in attempting to imitate the accent.  I was doing quiet well, until....  well, have you seen Shawn of the Dead?

I was sitting on his couch when his cat approached me.  I noticed a bright red smear of paint on the cat's chest.  Before I even think about what I'm doing, "You've got red on you." slipped out of my goddamn mouth.  He did not respond to this other than to explain the source of the red. 

Maybe he didn't notice? 

In other embarrassing news, I pulled out my phone to perform a search and I realize that the last two items in my search history are things he had texted to me that I had to look up.  One was a great adjective that I didn't know and the other was a pasta dish he offered to make me.  My phone was totally in his face while I did this.  Dammit. 

Maybe he didn't notice this either?

Why am I doing this to myself?  I guess the funny stories are worth it.  Mild embarrassment and insecurities traded for good sex and a richer life and human experience.  I guess it's worth it.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Talking Poly Stuff with Non Poly People

I have regular discussions with a female that I work with who is monogamous. It illustrates to me the way my thought process has already changed in regards to my new lifestyle. For example, several weeks ago, I showed her pics of the guy I'm seeing. One of them included his wife and kid.

"You're hotter than her." she said.

"It's not about that." I replied.

"I don't care. You are hotter than her."

When she said this, she had every intention of making me feel better about the pairing by dissing what she saw as the competition. I knew that I was doing it right because those words made me feel gross. I don't want to be hotter than her. I don't want to compete with her. I don't want to break up their marriage I want to thank her for being so cool about sharing her man. I want to learn from her about how to make this work. I hadn't even met her yet and that's how I felt. The thought of being superior to her in any way made me feel super skeevy. But I'm also a feminist and I don't think women should compete with each other and tear each other down.

In my second example, she cannot understand why I was able to make out with the same guy in front of his wife. It wasn't weird. They didn't make it weird. It was fine. I wasn't seen as a threat. I wasn't a threat. It was a little uncomfortable at first, but now it seems like nothing. She just couldn't grasp it, why it meant nothing, why jealousy isn't necessary to maintain a relationship.

My step mom has a similar flaw in her thinking. She thinks that because my husband and I have admitted that we are attracted to other people, this is proof that we don't really love each other. To me, now, this seems ridiculous. Being poly has brought us closer together. I love him even more now that I can have him and new people in my life. My step mom often thinks she knows more about me than I do, despite her limited cultural experience and her lack of a high school diploma. That sounds really snobby, doesn't it? I don't like her all that much.

It's amazing how quickly I've been able to let go and move past these cultural myths. Of course, I never really believed that there was one person for everyone. Still, bucking cultural norms is a big deal and it's really interesting to see the responses of others who may not completely get it, even if they say they can accept it.

Monday, April 9, 2012

A Trendy Restaurant, A Burlesque Show, And Much More Than I Bargained For

There is no protocol for these new social situations.  Up until this point in my life, I knew how to be polite in most circumstances.  My grandma taught me manners after all.  In poly situations, I have no idea what the polite move is.  There are no TV shows or movies to show you.  Everyone has different triggers and rules and boundaries.  So when you go to a burlesque show and dinner with your husband to meet a woman he's interested in and the guy she wants you to meet and you find out the day before that the guy you are sleeping with (and maybe kind of falling for) is going to be there with a date (who is the wife of his wife's boyfriend), what the holy hell do you do?

Do you introduce your husband to the guy you're sleeping with?
Do you tell the guy you are supposed to meet about the guy you are sleeping with?
Do you interrupt the guy you are sleeping with and his date to say hi?
What is considered rude in this situation?  Saying hi or not saying hi?

The husband wasn't coping well.  I didn't know what to do.  He was closed off and uncomfortable.  He wasn't watching the show.   I sent a text to the guy I'm seeing to ask for advice.  Then, at intermission, he came strolling across to our side of the balcony and introduced himself to my husband.  He was a pro.  I was impressed.  He was empathetic and seemed comfortable.  They chatted for a bit and I went to get water from the bar and had girl talk for a moment.

After that interaction, I saw a complete change in behavior.  My husband relaxed, he laughed, he was flirtatious with me.  Somehow that was the right move.

So, another hurdle has been crossed and we march onward.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

I Just Keep on Getting Kinkier and Kinkier (Apparently I'm an Exhibitionist)

So plans on Friday were to meet my love interest (Still haven't thought of a good nickname, I'll have to remedy that soon) and his wife and kid at a coffee shop for an open mic night.  The offer was on the table to go back their house afterwards and "make out on the couch".

Hubby was needing a bit more time to accept that we had moved onto this level so I had agreed to keep things to heavy making out this visit.  So make out on the couch we did, though we probably pushed the boundaries of making out to the maximum possible.

First, he kissed me on the back deck under the full moon.  His wife stuck her head out the door to share a teasing comment.  I laughed.   We went inside and took up residence on the couch where we made out.  She casually straightened the house while I sucked face on her husband.  She sat on the couch with some paperwork and interrupted us politely when she needed a signature.  Then we would go back to making out.  It was weird, but not nearly as weird as I thought it would be.

I ground my hips against him and he put a finger in my mouth to suck on.  She was watching.  At one point he looked over towards her which triggered me to look in her direction as well.  She was peaking over the throw pillow and blatantly looking, not at the episode of Doctor Who that she was supposedly watching, but directly at us.  She squeaked a little and buried her face back into the pillow, apologizing for watching.  I told her that I didn't mind and I found I truly didn't.  In fact, I was sort of enjoying it.  Okay, more than sort of.  To be honest, I'd like to take that further, but I can't without the knowledge and consent of my husband. 

When she did decide to go to bed, she kissed her husband goodnight.  It was a long and serious kiss and I was still partially wrapped around him.  I was not bothered by this either.  I'm not sure why.  As she walked away she said, "I'm going to bed.  You're welcome to join me or stay out here if you want privacy or whatever."  I'm quite certain she was serious about this. 

Alas, the night was getting later and I had a long drive ahead of me.  We discussed the benefits that this long make-out session would have on our primary partners.  I assured him that if he wanted to kick me out right then and take advantage of this situation before I left that I would totally understand.  He carefully thought about this for a moment and decided that it was a good stopping point.

While making plans for when we would next be able to meet, I mentioned our plans for Saturday and it turned out that we were going to the same event.  First thought: cool!  I'll see you tomorrow too!  Second thought: shit!  The husband doesn't know he's going to meet him tomorrow!  And that, my friends, is a story for another day....

Saturday, April 7, 2012

"So, You've Broken the Chains of Monogamy Then"

Remember the swooning I did about 2 weeks ago?  Well, we had a second date.  In between the first and second date there were many many text messages exchanged.  They started off fun and flirty, got serious at times, went back to fun and flirty, covered the safer sex/history discussion, and went back to fun and flirty.  Our texting occurred in the late hours of the night, mostly between 11pm and 3am.  This was awesome for getting through some boring nights at work.

After several messages of cheesiness and general silly flirting, he sent the following message
Cheese and joking aside, I did find your company to be enjoyable and you to be attractive.  These are qualities which combine to make me interested in getting you into bed, if such things work out.  (Awkwardness of conversation: escalated)
Sexy man wanted to sleep with me.  I suspected the chemistry was mutual, but one is wise to be cautious with such assumptions.  Especially when one is new to poly, has been on several dates and on OkCupid for 2 months and has yet to sleep with anyone new.  That is a little disheartening in a way.  I was fairly ready to take it off for someone who was attractive and somewhat compatible.  You wouldn't think it would take all that long to find someone to fuck me.  Oh well (spoiler alert) the deed is done now.

Since its been 7 years since I was single and dating, I can truly appreciate how texting has changed the landscape of dating.  Having the sexual history discussion via text is something new and it's quite nice.  I appreciate the less awkward aspect of not being face to face for it.  You don't feel quite so judged.  Another benefit that was pointed out to me is that when you are texting you are not in the heat of the moment and thus tempted to skip important parts.  These are advantages to the "netization" of our socialization.  Besides, IMing on AOL back in the day was how I got dates in high school, so this works for me.  I appreciate someone who has command of the English language and can effectively flirt via text.  It's not all that easy.

In the meantime,  the Hubby and I negotiated terms for the next date.  I had no restrictions.  I could bring him back to the house and Hubby even helped me clean the house.  Yes, you read that correctly.  My husband helped me clean the house so that I could have a man over while he was at work for the purposes of having sex.  My only rule was to change the sheet before he got home.  With the mutual attraction confirmed, the safer sex conversation out of the way and full permissions granted by my husband things were set up for my first act of intercourse outside of my marriage. 

So, our flirting and general conversation went on and on until Tuesday finally arrived.  I woke up a little late and rather had to rush to make it to the restaurant.  I was only a few minutes late, thankfully.  And by a few, I mean like 4 or 5 minutes.  The restaurant was meh.  What happened afterwards was not at all meh.  He followed me back to the house.  On the way there I had a conversation with my mother on the phone. 
What are you doing?

I'm on my way home.

From where?

Dinner.  (Please don't ask any more questions...  please don't ask any more questions...)

Oh.  Well, I was calling about your brother...

Once off the phone with her, I turned up the stereo and listened to Noah and the Whale.  There was a storm ahead of us on the highway, but it was only lightly raining where I was.  Once in a while lightening would strike in the clouds ahead.   I rolled the windows down and let my hair blow everywhere.  The wind smelled like rain and I was electrified by the spring storm and the feeling of change.  I was taking a guy home with the intention of having sex with him!
The night outside is five below
His heart is pumping blood
On his lips a perfect smile
His eyes begin to flood

Because tonight's the kind of night
Where everything could change
Tonight's the kind of night
Where everything could change
Noah and the Whale provided the lo-fi youth-inspired theme song to my intentions. 

Once inside, I didn't know how things were going to proceed.  Is it like how things were when I was younger, do you put on a movie and pretend you are going to watch it?  Nope.  He points out that the kissing was fun and I agreed.  From there, making out ensued.  He pulled me onto his lap so that I was straddling him.  We kissed a lot.  I leaned back and removed my shirt.  He seemed to appreciate that.  I ground my hips against him.  He removed his shirt.  I was wearing a skirt and his hands were wandering underneath it.  There was some awkward talking, but also this wonderful build up that comes along with a first encounter.   "It's like magic," I tell him, "I found you on OkCupid and now you are in my living room." I really feel like I've won something.  My bra is removed after he comments, "I never really know how these front clasp bras work."  I unsnap it.  After some more kissing and attention to my breasts, he asks me, "Any feelings of guilt?"  I leaned towards him and responded "No.  Not really.  I mean, there's a certain amount of discomfort knowing that what I'm doing will cause my husband emotional pain, but I know I have permission."  And we go back to what we were doing.  Honestly, what I wanted more than anything was to stay engaged in the moment and not lose my focus or primal intentions.  It honestly felt like the best thing to do for my husband was to make the most out of the experience so that his pain wouldn't be wasted.

Finally I stood up and made a comment about the futon folding down.  We make out further while we undress.  He slides his hand into my underwear and briefly slides his fingers inside me.  I am extremely wet.  He removes his fingers and licks them while murmuring "hmmm."  This is a move that turns me on.  We both finished undressing and I pulled the futon down into a bed.  I climbed onto the bed and he stood in front of me.  Okay.  Let's explore this cock.  Uncut.  Nice.  This will be fun.  I am not unfamiliar with this style as my first boyfriend in high school was not circumcised, and that was the guy I lost my virginity to.  Oddly enough, I honestly didn't know this at the time.  It was only after I had slept with someone else that I noticed the difference in anatomy.  I know what to do and I can approach this with some measure of confidence.  

So I suck his cock for a while.  He receives this attention differently than my husband.  He has both hands on the back of my head and he thrusts his hips towards me.  It was not uncomfortable and it did not bother me, but I was mostly indifferent to it.  It took some of the control away from me, but that's alright too.  After some time, we progressed to the next activity.  He spends some time just looking at my pussy and breathing on her.  I'm excited about this, but also apprehensive as I'm quite sure that most men don't know what they are doing down there.  He did.  It wasn't perfectly in tune with what I like, but I came rather quickly and had to ask him to ease off.  He seemed to enjoy this.  "You're fun." he said at one point.  I think this was in reference to the noises I was making and my general level of enthusiasm.  He kept at this for longer than I expected.  I came several times like this, each time having to ask him to slow down.  He pushed my limits and the whole time it bordered on too much stimulation, which ended in some intense orgasms, but was also a strange feeling. 

He stopped and stood up and asked where I hide my latex free condoms.  I crawled across the bed and reached into a box on the end table to get to them.  I did this knowing he would get an unrestricted view of my ass and I hoped he would enjoy that.  He did.  "I'm just enjoying the view," he said.  Awesome.  I was a little worried that he wouldn't like what he saw.  I'm glad to know that I was wrong.

And so we did it.  We fucked in my marriage bed.  It was fun!  And I didn't feel guilty about it.  I wanted it.  Afterwards, we cuddled for a long time.  We chatted, we kissed some more, and he gave me a really good back massage.  Eventually, he fell asleep and I got up to make a sandwich.  I later crawled back into bed and cuddled with him some more before I had to kick him out.  At one point he told me that I was "very responsive" in that it was really easy for me to get off.

I changed the sheet and I took a shower.  I erased all visible evidence of our tryst so that there would be no visible evidence to throw in my husband's face when I got home.  

Now I had Friday to look forward to, for that is when we made plans to meet again.  Friday.  And once I post this I will begin writing about what happened on Friday.  ;)